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Why you should travel alone at least once in your life

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You have never traveled so far, all alone

A n amazing deal on a trip to Greece pops up online and you just have to take this offer. There is no way that you will be able to find the same trip again for such a good price. You start thinking about who to bring along with you. Your partner? Your best friend? Maybe your mother? She deserves a get-away.

You click on the offer and start reading about this amazing island in Greece. Then, you see the text in bold; offer is valid for one person only. You feel disappointed. This trip made you visualize instantly. You can’t go on your own. First of all, you would be extremely bored. Second, it sounds scary. You have never traveled so far, all alone.

Most of us travel in couples or in groups since we love to share our experiences with people we care about. We are also often afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone which solo traveling is all about. However, traveling alone can be very beneficial. Let us give you a few examples;

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"Your focus is more on the destination”


Let us remind you that having no one to talk to is not necessarily a negative thing. When you have no one to talk to, you have more time to look around and to fully embrace your destination.

You can observe the locals and how they behave. You can admire the architecture for as long as you want to. You can choose to eat wherever you feel like eating. You will be able to take in everything you see, smell, hear and analyze it. Your destination has your full focus.

Your chance to meet new friends is higher

You will have somebody to talk to during your trip. People tend to have more courage to talk to you if you’re alone. Traveling alone is a great way to connect with locals. Talking to locals will also educate you further on the city, country and culture. When you travel with friends and family, it’s easy to stick within the group and be a full-on tourist. Connecting with locals will teach you things and show you places you would never have found as a tourist. Plus, making friends all over the world is an amazing thing and can even save you money when you return.

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The most important benefit


We have saved the best advantage for last. Traveling alone, will give you a quality time with yourself that you usually can’t find in your everyday life.

This alone-time will help you reflect on your life choices, who you are and what your next step is. You will have to face your fears and regrets. You will also face your biggest dreams and find the courage to pursue them. Hopefully, this solo trip will strengthen you and make you feel more confident about what you’re capable of.

As a conclusion of all these three reasons to why you should pack your bag and go on a solo journey is that your mind will expand like never before

You will be a more independent person and a stronger individual.

Next time you come across the chance to travel alone – take it. Go with an open mind and come back home with another amazing experience to add to your collection.

Victor Hernandez
Marketer by day wannabe photographer by night. Love culture, off beat destinations, amazing people and capturing life's fleeting moments.

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