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Tips For Buying A Motorcycle in Vietnam While Traveling

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After booking my flight and applying for my visa to go to Vietnam my main concern was a motorbike.

I heard from my friends that traveling around Vietnam on a motorbike is the way to go.

Having your own motorbike in Vietnam:

  • Gives you the freedom to move quickly and easily around the entire country. Wow!
  • Lets you go off the beaten path and meet many of the local people along the way.
  • Allows you to join motorbike groups in Vietnam, so make new friends in your adventure.

When I first arrived in Vietnam I was looking to spend anywhere from $250-500 USD. I wanted something reliable for the next three months of travel. I knew this was going to be a difficult so I asked a local…

According to Thu Nguyen, the hotel manager in Hanoi, The secret is in the timing. Best time to purchase a motorbike is when another tourist/visitor has to leave Vietnam and has little time to sell.

I found the bike!



Easy way to find a bike in Vietnam

  • One easy way to find a bike was to start liking all the Facebook pages about Vietnam and Vietnam Motorbikes for sale. Start contacting people early who are selling bikes, and remember that the closer to the owners departing date the lower the price usually is.
  • Another easy way to find a good cheap motorbike in Vietnam is to go to a hostel. Hostels are similar to a hotel but with shared rooms. This is where a younger crowd is found, and most who stay in hostels in the main cities are either arriving or leaving. They are willing to negotiate a good price on a used motorbike.

What important information do you need to know about purchasing a motorbike in Vietnam? Well let’s stick to the basics.

What type of care and maintenance has the motorbike had during the last few trips?

In Vietnam, these motorbikes are used by many tourists many times before you. They can be treated very rough and at times some inexperienced drivers can handle them inappropriately. Roads in Vietnam are tough and side roads are tougher, but often more scenic and exciting.

Time to inspect

Check the oil, engine off. Look at the color and viscosity of the oil inside the engine. Black and burnt or thin viscosity needs to be changed. Engine sizes start from 100 cc to 250 cc

Check the brakes, engine off. Try moving bike while brakes are on and you on the motorbike. You should not move at all.

Test drive. Don’t forget to raise the motorbike stand before going.

Three types of Motorbikes in Vietnam

  • Automatic
  • Semi manual
  • Manual
  • I found a Indonesian Maritus Manual 100cc

    Once you know the general conditions of the bike and if it is the right bike for you. It’s time to take it to a mechanic shop.

    Chao ban! Hello

    Always good idea to meet at the mechanic so he can have a quick look at the motorbike and confirm the conditions it’s in. If it needs any service or repair you can get an estimate and leave it there.

    It’s always a good idea when purchasing anything in a foreign country to do it in a public place where there are witnesses. Don’t forget to check the motorcycles documentation before giving any money.

    Once you have chosen what type of motorbike suits you best to ride in Vietnam, it’s time for the fun to begin!


    Vietnam is a huge country, let’s go!

    My name is Alberto E. Sotelo, lover of life. Here is a just a small contribution to keep the world moving. I will continue to write more and more.


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