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Staying single vs. dating while traveling

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Traveling the world is fun. Exploring new countries is exciting. It’s soul advancing and eye-opening. You meet new friends all over the planet. But not only friends. You’ll probably come across interesting and attractive people on your journey, and you might even wonder if settling somewhere abroad would be worth it. Or, you have a relationship at home but have the urge of being completely free while traveling. Should you go on your own or with your significant other? We’ll be comparing being single while traveling to traveling while having a partner. Maybe we can make this choice a lot clearer for you.



Are you happy today?


First, analyze your current situation. Are you happy where you are? With your job? With your relationship? With being single? Most people will get the urge of embarking on a soul-searching journey at some point in their life. The thought of breaking free from the daily routines feels liberating. Traveling can absolutely be worth breaking free. But don’t forget to realize what you have right now and if you are sure you want to go.



What are your long-term goals?


If you’re in a relationship, do you want to bring your significant other or go by yourself? Some people might be perfectly happy in their relationship but still, want to travel solo at least once. Traveling alone without any restrictions is an amazing adventure, but what does this mean to your relationship? How will a few months apart effect the two of you? Do you trust each other enough? If you have the urge even to move abroad because you’re unhappy with your current life, does this include your romantic life as well? Don’t mix up a temporary urge with what you want long term. If you are dreaming about traveling for months, completely free, but you also have the best partner in the world and could see yourself growing old with them, is it worth to break up? If yes, then don’t drag it out. If no, then find a way to travel but still keep the relationship going strong. A few months apart can actually strengthen the relationship even though most people think it will weaken your bond. It is what you make it!



Enjoy yourself but be realistic


If you’re single, would you be willing to date along the way? Or stay utterly free from romantic attachments? Our best advice is to enjoy yourself some romantic adventures but remain realistic. Just because you meet someone who seems perfect, doesn’t it mean that a relationship would work. Don’t just settle down based on a few dates. Let it take its time and see how the feelings develop. If you have to continue to the next place, keep in touch and start with a distance relationship. If everything feels good after a few months, you can start thinking of taking it to the next level, like one of you moving closer to the other. If you’re not looking for something serious, you can enjoy life and collect fun and crazy stories to later share with your friends. Keep an open mind, be adventurous but be logical when you have to.

To sum it up, know the level of happiness you are at right now. What are your goals? Do you only want to travel and explore? Or do you want an adventure full of spontaneous choices? What is worth sacrificing in your life and what is not? Ask yourself these questions and go with your gut feeling. It’s rarely wrong. Good luck and happy traveling!


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