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Learn How to Pack Like a Pro

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We have all been there. We have tried to fit everything we really need in our suitcase, but it doesn’t want to fit. We try to fold everything flat and nice but we can barely close it. Here’s the good news; there are tricks you can use to fit everything you need and even double the space in your suitcase! Just keep reading.



Roll, not fold


Did you know that if you roll your clothes and lay them next to each other, they will take a lot less space than if you fold them? If you don’t think it makes a difference, try both methods and compare. You will be surprised.



Use all the space


When you are packing your shoes, you almost always have to let them take their space since most of them can’t be pressed all flat. What you can do, is to use the space inside your shoes for smaller objects. You can stuff them with socks or makeup products. You can do the same with caps and hats. That way you are using all the space possible.



Weekly medicine container


Do you have a weekly medicine container with a little box for each day of the week? This thing can be used for very small objects like your jewelry.



No leakage ever again


Will you be bringing a lot of liquids like lotions and foundation? To avoid leakage, grab some cling wrap and cover the opening. Then, just screw back the cap, and now your liquids are leakage proof.



Keep all cords in one place


Gather all your smaller cords like headphones and your phone charger, roll them up nicely and store them in an empty eyeglass case. This way, you will know precisely where your cords are, and they won’t be tangled.



See it as Tetris


When you pack your suitcase, see it as the game Tetris. Try to fill all the gaps in the best way possible. This way, you will be able to fit so much more into your suitcase, and you won’t have to over pack your cabin luggage.

We hope that these small hacks have been helpful and that they will make packing easier from now on.

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