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Is Paris really the face of France?

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Paris actually doesn’t represent all of France.

We know what they say about Paris. The city of love, light and fashion has a reputation of being the most romantic spot in the world with rude but well-dressed people. Paris is the capital of France and is an iconic city, but if you ask a person from another region of France, they will tell you that Paris actually doesn’t represent all of France. Here’s why;



Are they all snobby and rude?


Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world and the most popular city in France among tourists. However, most tourists also think that the French are rude and snobby based on the Parisians. Here is where the French object – don’t judge the French people based on Paris. In the north and the northwest of France, the people are actually known to be very friendly and welcoming. It also depends on the environment of the region. Some cities have a more laid back attitude while other cities have a higher pace and more stressed citizens..


A country with variation

Paris is full of white gracious buildings with a rainy climate, but the rest of France looks completely different. The climate goes from mild in the north to hot in the south. You have the ski-friendly Alps in the northeast and an exotic vacation region in the southeast. Even the architecture changes as you travel through France. Some cities are full of historical castles, other cities have tiny and colorful houses. France also goes from having a more Celtic feel in the northwest to a Mediterranean ambiance in the southeast.



Paris is not the capital of gastronomy

We all know that France is a food and wine country, but do you get to taste it all in Paris? Of course not, say the French. In the north, the Normans of Normandy are very fond of their apples. Here they produce apple cider and bake apple pie in the most authentic Norman way. In the North you also find a lot of beer which shouldn’t be too surprising since Belgium and Germany are both close by. When you go more to the west, to Brittany, you find a lot of seafood and the all-time favorite; crêpes. If we travel to the central of France you find cheeses like Comté and Dijon mustard. Then we get close to the city of Lyon, the capital of gastronomy which already sounds like a must-visit. If you are a wine lover, Bordeaux in the southeast can offer many different delicious wines.



France is truly a treasure chest with more gems than you can imagine. We weren’t even able to mention all the different foods and magical spots you can find when you think beyond Paris. The capital definitely deserves its status, but in order to not miss out on what France has to offer, feel free to consider another city for your next visit.

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