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New Years in Mexico and a High-Speed Cop Car Chase in Acapulco

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Mexico is the land of freedom and get away with things you would never think possible.

Before I continue this story, I don’t condone this behavior now or ever but at the time we were two stupid kids. Please do not attempt to recreate this on your own as your outcome may vary. I have changed names of people in this story to protect their identity.

Mexico is the land of freedom and get away with things you would never think possible. The year 2010 the setting a hot, humid night in Acapulco. It was our last year in college and Pancho my roommate at the time and I decided to celebrate new years in his house in Acapulco.

Mexico has huge clubs and a lot of the time on slow nights have great drink specials. On this night there was an open bar with a $50 cover charge. Which as poor college students we thought, perfect. We danced and drank the night away. We left the club around 1:30 am as we had gotten there early and were getting hungry. Roberto told us of some amazing tacos, but we would have to cross the mountain to old Acapulco.

I should explain Acapulco is divided in two by a mountain. Old Acapulco is where most tourist go and where all the spring break action happens. New Acapulco is where most Mexican residents have their vacation homes and is nicer and more relaxing.



After Going Out


At this point we were all 3 a little tipsy but not bad enough where we couldn’t drive. We went to the taco shop across the mountain and we ate some amazing tacos and drank a couple beers each. Which was our first mistake. Roberto wanted to continue partying, so he took us to a new place. It turned out to be a sketchy looking strip club and he told us he would pick up the tab as both Pancho and I ran out of money. We literally took a shot of tequila and drank a beer. We lasted 15 minutes at the most and left. As Pancho and I are not into getting ripped off. Turns out Roberto which he later admitted skipped out on the bill as he did not have any money either.



The Car Chase

This is where the story turns for the worse. On our way back across the mountain around 3 a.m., we noticed a local municipal cop behind us. He proceeded to turn on his lights. At this point, I thought great we were drinking, and we might have to go to jail. Pancho had another idea which was to outrun the cop get to his compound where the cop could not get in.

The chase started we were driving through this mountain road which was a couple miles long with a cop chasing closely behind. About halfway through this road, another cop joined the pursuit. At this point, I was getting worried as I heard Mexican jails are no picnic. We were almost to the other side of the mountain when a big ford expedition stopped in front of us and blocked our way. One of the cops stopped on the passenger side and the other one stopped behind us. The passenger side there was a cliff with a guardrail. So, we were at a stalemate.

The 3 cops got out of their cars with flashlights and guns out which had all our hearts pounding. Knowing my roommate Pancho for 5 years I knew he would come up with a clever answer as to why we did not stop. We rolled down all four windows to prove we were not dangerous. With one cop on each side of the SUV and the third one behind the SUV the cop on the driver’s side asked Pancho “why did you not stop?” Pancho responded and I will forever remember this response “I did not feel like it”. I was in shock when I heard this as that was not what I was expecting. The police officer then proceeded to ask us whose SUV this was? We responded, “his dads”. He then told all three of us to get out of the car. I knew what his next question would be “do you have any money?” If you read the part before the chase you would know we did not have any money. So as expected the cop asked, “do you have any money” we stated “no” and what happened next surprised me most of all.

He stated, “don’t worry about half a kilometer down the road there’s an ATM we will escort you there.” This is when I knew we were not going to jail and they wanted money. He pointed at me and told me “you look soberer than your friend, you drive”. He then sent Roberto and Pancho to the back seat and told the 3rd cop to drive his car and he proceeded to get on the passenger’s side of the SUV. Both cop cars escorted us to the ATM and waited outside in their cars. We took out $200 dollars in pesos and we offered them $80 dollars at first to see if they would accept that. To my surprise they took it. All three cops got in their two cars and told us, “be careful out there there’s a lot of drunk drivers out there.”


After this whole ordeal I was in shock and amazement on how we could have gotten away with this. I have never again been involved in a high-speed car chase with the cops and I never will. Although it was an exhilarating experience at the time. It was nonetheless a stupid experience. This experience could have gone many ways and I was glad that no one got hurt and that the outcome was a good one for all three of us. Next time you think let’s go to Vegas where you can do anything, remember this story.

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