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Interesting friends I have made while traveling

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January 16, 2018
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January 28, 2018

The greatest gift of life is a friendship, and I have received it

I started traveling at as a teenager, and since then I have made many friends. Out of all these friends, four stood out to me and are possibly the most interesting people I have ever met. Two women and two men all from different countries and cultures. Something they all share is warmth in their personalities. Coming from a cold country with almost emotionless people, these friends helped me become more open and warm-hearted.



A mysterious yet wise woman


I once met a mysterious woman with long, dark hair. She was in her thirties, but the words that came out of her mouth were too wise for her age. Her words of wisdom pulled me in and soon we were discussing our views on love, identity, womanhood and making an impact on the world. She would write texts like a 60-year-old woman with enough life experience to check out from this Earth. Although we don’t talk as often, I still love talking to her just as much as I used to.



The brother from Africa

At one point in my life, I hit rock bottom. Everything was up-and-down. Nothing was right. I struggled to be the person I used to be – the one who would light up the room with positive vibes. At this point, I didn’t recognize myself. However, in this struggle, I found a brother. A brother who picked me up from the ground and invited me for dinner. He cooked a national dish of his, and it was so good. He offered me to stay at his place for as long as I needed to. This gesture of his made me feel so grateful. Never had I experienced this type of gesture and I felt rather sad to realize it.



The wild friend from Russia

My second Russian friend was a wild woman. She was highly emotional, and love was often the topic on her lips. We would passionately discuss why men are a certain way if only Russians can understand Russians and if our current relationships were truly making us happy. We would make dinner, pop a bottle of wine and discuss these typical topics all night until we crashed.



My twin from America

Just as I started traveling, I got contacted online by a guy with similar interests as me. Too busy to truly connect, we kept in touch but didn’t hit it off. Not until almost a year later, we met in person. It must have been fate. We felt like we were the same person. We shared goals, core values, philosophies and even birthmarks. After this, the universe showed us more and more how alike we were. He first became my twin brother. Then, we realized that there was more to this than that. We were clearly twin flames. Somehow, we had been brought together, from two different continents.



Exposing yourself to the world is great to grow as a person

When you travel places and meet people that you connect with on a spiritual level, it feels like these meetings were meant to happen. That is one of the most powerful feelings you can ever experience. It has happened to me several times. Almost all of the times were during traveling. Exposing yourself to the world, opens doors and connects you with like-minded in a way that wouldn’t be possible if you always stayed at home. I hope these stories encouraged you to connect even more with strangers when you are on the road and that you attract many interesting and exciting friends.


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