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The best places to visit in South America

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Ancient cultures, huge river and a lively culture

South America is located in the Southern hemisphere and borders Pacific Ocean to the western side and Atlantic Ocean to the Eastern side. South Americans first language is either Portuguese or Spanish. This country has great tourist attractions. Below are our favorite places to visit in South America.



The river of five colors


Travelers should visit the Cano Cristales also known as the river of five colors especially from July to November when the river becomes very colorful. Some of the beautiful colors seen in this river are; blue, yellow, green, black and red shades. The rivers reflects these colors because of an amazing phenomena caused by a Macarenia Clavigera which is a red plant that has grown in the river bed. Other colors are caused by blue water, yellow sand, algae and black rocks.



The World’s most dangerous road


Anyone traveling to South America should visit the world’s most dangerous road. It is very suitable for mountain bike rides and also known for its famous gravity.



Mount Fitz Roy


Mount Fitz Roy borders Argentina and Chile and a great destination for many travelers. This mountain is known as the smoking mountain because its top appears as if it’s surrounded by clouds, a very breath taking scenery for tourists. Travelers can enjoy mountain climbing and trekking for more than two hours.



Machu Picchu, Peru


Machu Piccchu is a very stunning archaeological site located in Peru, South America. Many travelers love this ancient city because of its beauty and its conducive weather during the dry season.



Canopy Walk


Peru has the longest canopy walking the world which attracts very many tourists. Tourists can view the beautiful rainforest, amazon vegetation and wildlife from the canopy walkway.



Angel Falls, Venezuela


Angel Falls in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world, a global landmark and a great tourist destination. It is found in the Canaima national park and can be accessed by air. Travelers enjoy the tropical wildlife, trekking through the jungle and can also swim when the falls are gentle.



Quito, Ecuador


Quito is the capital of Ecuador and a great tourist destination. Visitors can see the colonial architecture by the Spanish people and very many churches in this city.



Cartagena, Colombia


On the Caribbean Coast of Colombia is Cartagena, with very beautiful buildings and warm beaches. This is a must go destination for every traveler visiting South America. Tourists can enjoy a great taste of the local culture because Cartagena doesn’t experience foreign crowds.



Salvador, Brazil


Salvador Brazil is best known for the Portuguese architecture and a very charming city in the coast of Brazil.



Valparaiso, Chile


Salvador Brazil is best known for the Portuguese architecture and a very charming city in the coast of Brazil.



Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Rio De Janeiro city in Brazil is great destination because of many reasons. Tourists enjoy visiting the iconic statue of ‘’Christ the Redeemer’’, the beach of Copacabana and Ipanema, Sugarloaf Mountain and the carnival festival. This city is crazy, beautiful, chaotic, vibrant and fun to visit and will make a visitor’s trip to South America complete.

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