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Things To Do During A Trip To Athens Greece

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Even if you haven’t been to Greece before, you do know of this historic country. It is known for its stunning cliff side cityscape, party resorts, beaches with crystal blue water and its rich history. With its many famous islands, Greece is a popular destination for families, students, and even honeymooners. Since the islands are so dreamy and beautiful, the capital of Greece is often forgotten. We would like to focus primarily on Athens today. If you love food, art, and history, keep on reading.

Athens is the city of Greece with historic buildings, street art, and fantastic food. There are a bunch of places you have to see, and we’re going to list a few of the most important ones:





This is an ancient temple that was built before 433 BC. It was built on Acropolis in honor of Pallas Athena for her protection of Greece during the Persian war. This is one of the most popular touristic sights in Athens. You have probably seen pictures of it, but nothing compares to seeing it in real life.



Philopappos Monument


Take a hike up the Philopappos Hill among Greek nature and ancient ruins. You’ll eventually reach the monument on the top of the hill and from there, you’ll get a 360-degree view of Athens. It’s quite breathtaking.



Mount Lycabettus


Another famous hilltop where you’ll find a 19th century Chapel and a magnificent view. Watching the sunset from here is recommended.



The Temple of Olympian Zeus


This is one of the old 7 wonders of the world and a beautiful ruin in the middle of the city.



Ancient Agora of Athens


This ruin was a place in Ancient Athens where people used to gather to discuss a variety of topics. Everything from politics, to religion to culture was discussed here. Just standing next to it is a powerful feeling.



Acropolis Museum


This fascinating museum is located at the foot of Acropolis' southern slope. Here you can take a look at their astonishing collection of pieces from Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. It’s crazy how old some of them are, and it feels incredible to be able to see them today. If you want to dig deeper into the history of Greece and Athens, this is the place to go.



Modern City


After all that ruin sight-seeing, a look into the more modern Athens could be fun. In Athens, the contrast between old and new is so fascinating. Especially when you’ve visited the ancient buildings and come back to the modern city. You can feel how history has developed in the city and how far it has come. In the contemporary parts of Greece, you’ll find popular flea and food markets. Strolling through the streets and looking at all the products and food is quite entertaining. You’ll also see a lot of Greek street food around, and you have to try it at least once. The Greek are known for their incredible cuisine, and some of their famous dishes are Pita Souvlaki, Pita Gyro, Moussaka, Saganaki and Greek salad. Your taste buds will be thrilled.





Before you leave the city, make sure that you visit Psyri. This is a vibrant part of town known for its wild nightlife. Restaurants, live music bars, theaters, art galleries and hotels are found in Psyri. There is also a lot to see during the day; many walls are covered in creative street art that tell intriguing stories while you walk down the streets.


After petting lovely stray animals, munching on delicious street food, admiring street art and being blown away by the enormous amount of history this city carries, you’ll come to this conclusion; Athens is unlike any place you’ve ever seen. So much wisdom came from this place. The ancient Greeks were pioneers. You’re in their city. That is such an incredible feeling, especially if history interests you. Let’s hope that Ancient Greece keeps on living at the heart of modern Athens. If it doesn’t, you better hurry up and experience it while you can!

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