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The best places to Visit in France

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You will be surprised it's not Paris

France is located in Western Europe and attracts tourists from all over the world. France has numerous tourist attractions such as medieval churches, beach resorts, castles and beautiful scenery.

France is best know for the Eiffel Tower, The Mona Lisa, French cuisine but there's more to this beautiful country outside of Paris. There's obviously many places in France to visit but here are our top picks.



Charming countryside of Provence


Tourists visit Provence to enjoy the Mediterranean sun. It is countryside with rugged terrain, sloppy hills and farms of olives, sun flowers and olive grapes. Plants that grow in this region such as rosemary, thyme, sage and herbs result to a very charming fragrance in the air. Provence has medieval and perched villages that have been constructed on the steep hills. They include; Saint-Paul-de-vence, Eze, Gordes, Tourette-sur-loup and Les Baux-de-Provence.



The French Alps


The French Alps are known as some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world. Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc is located at the French Alps. The landscape is characterized by magical waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, peaceful valleys and dense pine forests. Outdoor activities for tourists during the summer season include; hiking, mountain climbing and cycling. During the winter, tourists can engage in skiing and snowboarding.



The Alsace Region


The Alsace region has fascinating villages that are quite unique in France. Germany influenced the ambience and architecture of the Alsace region. This can be spotted on the Gothic churches, very bright paints and houses that are half-timbered. Some of the beautiful cities at Alsace are Strasbourg and Colmar. These cities are surrounded by hills covered with vines.





France has a pastoral region known as Normandy with plenty of cow pastures, apple orchards, churches, castles and impressive towns. Visitors like Honfleur, Bayeux and Rouen regions because of the houses with half-timber. Mont-Saint- Michel (the heavenly Jerusalem) is a leading tourist attraction in France and it’s located at Normandy. When tourists want to relax, they can visit places like Trouville, Deauville resorts and Etretat.





Brittany is a lovely area in the coast of France. Tourists can visit the historical port towns; Saint Malo, Nantes, Concarneau. The warm sandy beaches, beach resorts and the rocky coastal coastline. Brittany culture was influenced by the Celts and remains to be a land of myths and legends. Many people at this place are staunch Catholics and celebrate the ‘’Pardons’’ a religious custom and other festivals where people dress in the traditional attires.



Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz


Biarritz is a beach resort that is naturally beautiful and is commonly referred to as the ‘’ Queen of resorts and the Kings resort. Biarritz has beautiful places where tourists can visit, these are; Villa Eugenie, Hotel du Palais, Plage Du Miramar, Saint Jean-de-Luz fishing port and Espelette the traditional village.





Lyon is a great destination for tourists and rich in cultural heritage. Lyon is best known for its local cuisines that include; sausages, salads and delicious meat dishes. Tourists can enjoy the favourite cuisine known as the ‘’quenelles’’ (fish dumplings). There are world class restaurants for tourists at Lyon, they are; Michelin restaurant, the Auberg du pont de Collonges and the Bouchons Lyonnais.





Rocamadour has been constructed on a cliff and was a destination for the Christian pilgrimages. It is a memorable site with sanctuaries from the medieval era. Some of the iconic buildings at Rocamadour are the Chapelle Notre-Dame and the Basilique Saint- Sauveur.

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