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Ride with style in Cuba

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February 8, 2018
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Don’t you long for a getaway? To escape the grey skies and the everyday grind? Our lives are full of small moments of happiness, but sometimes we get sick of the usual and the routine. This is why we travel and go on vacations. We tend to search for places that are vibrant, colorful and alive. Places with a soul. Today, we will be taking you to one of the places in the world that seem to have stayed in another era – an era before technology and skyscrapers. Let us introduce you to the magnificent Caribbean island, Cuba:



What Cuba is known for


Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. It consists of the island of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, and a few archipelagos. Cuba is considered a part of Latin America but is culturally diverse and has a mix of different ethnicities. It also has its influences from the Soviet Union and the Cold War. Cuba is known for its history with communism and its complicated relationship with the United States. Now, the country is one of the last planned economies of the world. Except for the culture and the politics, Cuba is also known for its sugar, tobacco, rum and classic cars. Considering everything we have mentioned so far, Cuba is definitely an exciting destination to explore.



The magical Havana


One of the most popular cities to visit on this charming island is the capital, Havana. The city is sometimes described as three cities in one. One of the parts is Old Havana which is one of the places listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Cuba has invested in renovations to preserve Old Havana since some of it has fallen in ruins. Even with its narrow streets, it hosts a lot of the commercial activity of the city as well as entertainment, music and several plazas. Old Havana attracts millions of tourists every year who come to witness the beautiful architecture and the rich Cuban culture.



Three things you have to do before you leave


We have three specific things that you have to do in Cuba. Let’s just say that those who don’t taste these three Cuban specialties while staying on the island, have not fully experienced Cuba. Make sure to write them down:

Ride with style in a vintage car

Don’t just snap some photos of the beautiful cars – ride in them! These cars are called taxi particular and are private shared taxis. It’s a fun way of getting from point A to point B, and you will feel pretty cool, cruising down the streets of Havana.

Sip on some authentic Cuban cocktails

The Mojito is world famous and served everywhere but was actually invented in Cuba. Therefore, this Mojito will be extra good. So hit a bar, preferably with live music, and enjoy a Daiquiri, Mojito or Cuba Libre.

A hot salsa

Not the sauce, but the dance. One can’t merely go to Cuba without attending a salsa class or a salsa party. We have mentioned how alive and vibrant Cuba is and dance is part of the liveliness. It doesn’t matter if you can’t dance – try it even if it’s just for fun!



Now book that plane ticket


Cuba has it all. The life, the colors, the history and the style. If you’ve always wanted to visit the Caribbean but not known where to start, why not start with Cuba. It will for sure be an unforgettable trip.

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