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Cape Town – A Breathtaking piece of South Africa

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Cape Town, the beautiful coastal city, and its many jewels

The southernmost country on the African continent can sometimes seem to be two completely different countries in one. At least, to the one who travels through it. A country who went through an era of apartheid is now sometimes referred to the rainbow nation. It is slowly but surely recovering from its past and is one of the most fascinating countries you will visit. Even though South Africa is both a first world country with modern technology, it also has extreme poverty. This is why it feels like a two-in-one country, and it is famous for its strong contrast. However, today, we want to tell you more about Cape Town, the beautiful coastal city, and its many jewels.



The European Style


Cape Town has a city center which is almost completely walkable. The size, the Dutch and Victorian style buildings remind a lot of visitors of European cities. Whether this is a nice thing to hear to the South Africans is debatable, but Dutch colonialists did have their influence on the country. However, Cape Town is still an African city – you just have to see all of the city and not just the main streets.



Astonishing Nature


Let’s forget about the architecture for a while and focus on nature. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful spots in Africa. At Cape Point National Park you get a view of the point where the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean collides. You can choose to hike the park or drive a car for a fee of $3. Many say that the small fee is definitely worth paying as the scenery is out of this world.



Where the action is


If you are looking for more buzz around you, there is a Bay Harbor Market at Hout Bay on the weekends. Here you will find pretty much anything. Artists and business people come to sell freshly made food, handmade jewelry, art and more. There are usually live bands that add to the magical atmosphere. This market is highly recommended for yummy snacks, souvenirs and a good time.



Where the surfers are


If you leave the city for Muizenberg Beach, you reach a multicultural area by the beach. You might have seen a picture of the famous stands in different colors. This represents the area very well. This is the perfect spot to learn how to surf, and the neighborhood is really enjoyable as well. You can find different cultural events in the little neighborhood and even take free yoga classes.



The Rainbow Nation


If you liked the sound of the beach stands in different colors, you would love the colorful Cape Malay. This is where the slave population used to live. With time, the area developed and grew into what it is to today – a lovely splash of bright colors that make you feel more than alive. Today’s population is more than fine if you want to take photos of their homes. While you’re at it, why not visit the first South African mosque? It’s located right in this Muslim area!

Culture, colors, nature and fascinating history in Cape Town described with four words. We love this place and think it’s worth a visit. If you just added this trip to your list – don’t forget your camera!

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