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The Best Countries to Visit in Africa

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January 13, 2018
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January 15, 2018

The best places to travel to are the ones that scare us

Africa is a very large continent with many countries to explore. Each country has different cultures and ethnic groups. Most travelers think of Africa and immediately think of African Safaris or South Africa. Here are our top picks of countries to visit in Africa.



South Africa


South Africa is the most developed country in Africa and great destination for travellers. The best places for visitors include; Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Kruger national park, Vineyard fields and the Penguin beach. Tourists can visit the Hermanus to play with whales and enjoy a delicious meal at the Kloof Street House. To explore the beauty of South Africa, tourists can take a drive through the Garden Route.





Seychelles is an ideal place for holidays and attracts tourists from all walks of life. Many islands have national parks that are protected to maintain the country’s beauty and heritage. Tourists can visit the Saint Anne Marine National park, Mahe Island with jungles and rain forests and Curieuse Island. Travelers visiting Seychelles can catch direct flights Johannesburg, South Africa to the capital of Seychelles. Some of the outdoor activities for tourists at Mahe Island are snorkeling and kayaking. Other places worth a visit include; Praslin, Morne Seychellois national park, Vallee De Mai Nature reserve, La Digue sandy beaches, the striking beautiful beaches of Anse source D’ Argent.





Botswana is located in Southern Africa and a very attractive destination for tourists in Africa. Tourists can visit the following places in Botswana; Okavango Delta commonly known as the jewel of Kalahari, the Moremi game reserve with acacia and woodland forests, Chobe national park (Savannah grassland), Tuli block, Tsodilo hills, Linyanti wetlands and many others.





Kenya is located in Eastern Africa and receives millions of tourists annually. There is much to write home about Kenya. The most visited place in Kenya is Mombasa city whereby tourists enjoy the warm sandy beaches, the pomp and style in this coastal city. Tourists can visit the Old Mombasa town that was greatly influenced by Arabs, the Fort Jesus that constructed by the Portuguese. Currently it’s a museum that opens daily and visitors can book in advance for dinner accompanied by the charming coastal music. Travelers who love nature and wildlife should visit the Haller Park, Mamba village, Nguuni Nature sanctuary. There is so much to do in Mombasa and that’s why many tourists have made it an annual holiday destination. This city has world class hotels, delicious Kenyan cuisines, very hospitable residents and favourable weather throughout the year. Outdoor activities in Mombasa include; swimming, boat rides, nature walks, ferry ride, fishing, the Go-kart rides, Tuk tuk ride (three wheeled small vehicles used as taxi).





Rwanda is a known destination in Africa and also the cleanest city, its streets are always kept clean. Tourists can visit the national parks and get to see mountain gorillas closely. Tourists visit the Kigali Genocide memorial centre that symbolizes the horrific violence that occurred in Rwanda in 1994. Outdoor activities in Rwanda include hiking through the Congo-Nile trail. Animals like Zebras, elephants, baboons, buffalos, hyenas and leopards can be seen at Akagera national park.

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