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We are group of travelers that want to discover themselves through their travel experiences

Short story

Late travel bloomer

As early as I can remember I always wanted to travel but lacked the funds to do so. Now as an adult I have found some success through my career and finally have the funds to travel. I want to share stories on how you can travel without spending a lot of money but also stories of some trip splurging.

Most travel blogs focus on a certain type of travel, budget, luxury, cruise, resort etc... This is not my goal. The way I travel varies and I want to share everything I have learned through my travel experiences.

I also want to share some funny, on occasions irresponsible and sometimes embarrassing stories that have happened to me through my travels. I am trying to be more open and transparent with my life in order to open myself to even more experiences.

I hope this travel blog inspires you to go out and explore this wonderful world we live in. If you do travel and have an amazing story to tell send it to us and we will make sure to publish it here.

Meet our authors


Victor Hernandez

Marketer by day wannabe photographer by night. Love culture, off beat destinations, amazing people and capturing life's fleeting moments.

Alberto Sotelo

CPA turned professional traveler. I like to live life to the fullest and explore as much as this world has to offer.